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Friday, December 4, 2009

Belford University Accreditation

University Accreditation

Belford University is an institute presenting online uncertified online
university accreditation. The location of the university is in Humble, Texas. But its accreditations are mailed from UAE.

Belford University Accreditation
Simply the Belford university never get accreditation by any university accreditation board recognized by the Council on Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) or/and United States Department of Education (USDE). Belford claims their accreditation from the Universal Council for Online Education Accreditation (UCOEA) and the International Accreditation Agency for Online Universities (IAAOU). These organizations are recognized accreditation associations of higher learning. With no recognized
university accreditation, Belford's education syllabus and degree possibly will be unacceptable to companies or other educational institutions, and the title from their degree perhaps limited or unlawful in several authorities. The educational jurisdictions that have controlled otherwise made illegitimate the make use of qualifications from unaccredited universities include

  1. Michigan
  2. Indiana
  3. Texas
  4. Oregon
  5. Nevada
  6. Maine
  7. New Jersey
  8. Illinois
  9. North Dakota
  10. Washington
  11. Korea

In reality, a lot of states are as well bearing in mind to ban the use of unaccredited degrees from universities that do have recognizes accreditation accreditation.

University Accreditation Controversy and criticism of Belford University

A 2005 exploratory inform on WHEC-TV in Rochester, New York, describe Belford as "just one of hundreds of diploma mills clearly easily reached online."
David Linkletter said that the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, Belford "is not a rightful accredited organization of higher education. No valid university offers a absolute degree on the basis of one's life experience. I principally
university accreditation like the 'order now' button on Belford University Web site. Another clue, their claims that Belford University is in Texas, it is operating in abuse of the Texas Education Code. In addition, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board has point out that University Belford, and the organization from which they argue accreditation “become visible to be managed by the similar people."[1]

On 13 March 2006, Arthur Barnes, a former fire chief, was released from his job for his Belford "online bachelor degree". New Hampshire Union Leader sad that, "The Web site offers master's degrees based on 'work/life experience with university accreditation' just only $479. Firstly the people are requested to propose their working experience on the Web form to become certified for the online bachelor degree. And if you have no work experience, you can still obtain an online degree by completing an online multiple-choice test." In actual fact, "The syllabus even lets customers desire their grade point averages (GPA). For example a 3.0 GPA is free of charge; however they can earn a 4.0 if you are willing to pay extra $75. The syllabus also guarantees to send the certified degrees just within a week."

In year 2008, a applicant for sheriff located in Mahoning County, Ohio, was eliminated from the election subsequent to the Supreme Court of Ohio decided that his accredited online degree from Belford could not be utilized to convince the state's obligation that is a sheriff must have as a minimum two years of post-secondary education (higher learning).

Besides that, in a 2007 an article was produced from the Yale Daily News journalist described that he had applied for a online degree with what he expressed as a concise worthless life knowledge validation, and was approved for his demanded online degree just 12 hours later on.

He explained that the price for a doctorate was $549 together with the recipient to an unaccredited transcript admitted 3.0 grade point average. If you earn Latin honors, it could be done for an extra fee of $25 and
Belford University accreditation gives to back-date an online degree for an extra $75 fee.

Source: Wikipedia

University Accreditation
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